Do “Corporate” and “Money” have to = Lack of Common Sense?

Today I’m having a rant about bees and pesticides and the sheer stupidity of the large corporates and government in allowing (or even considering to allow) bee (and other wildlife) killing pesticides to be used.  Anywhere.  At all.  Even the biggest idiot in the world has to realise that without pollination, everything crashes and burns.  It’s not so much that they’re shooting themselves in the foot, but they’re potentially shooting us all in the head.

Too strong a statement?  I think not.  There are plenty of studies and articles detailing the damage these neonicotinoids do, not just to bees, but to other pollinators, which obviously has a knock on effect to the other wildlife which relies on these insects for food.

Take a look here:  Not Just Bees

This is not a new issue.  Although the article quoted above is from September 2014, the debates, studies, arguments and everything else have been rumbling on for much longer.

Have the Corporates now got to the point where they have so much money that they can afford to live with the negative press from this sort of thing?  If so, then surely they have enough money to research and develop something that isn’t going to decimate our environment?

Now our UK government is gagging their own advisers and information that should be publicly available appears to have been withheld so that these large corporates can make emergency applications for the ban on neonicotinoids to be lifted – WTF???

Take a Look here: Guardian: Government Gagging

I wouldn’t describe myself as a political animal but I will say that my blood has been simmering nicely for nearly 24 hours now.  I’ve posted a link on both Facebook and Twitter to an online petition to retain the ban on neonics.  You’ll find it here:

Petition Link

I may only be one person, but if I can educate or inform one other person, then the word has been spread, even if not far.  If everyone did this, the word would spread even further and faster.  All I ask is that you read the articles and make your own decision.

Thanks for reading.


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