Brain Fog

Oh my.  I’m having one of those days.

You know the ones – someone replaces your brain and replaces it with completely ineffectual cotton wool?

My intention last night was to cycle to work this morning.  When my body creaked out of bed (early) at 05:45 I had my first moment of doubt.

“No, you’re just being wimpy” I told myself.  I decided I was made of sterner stuff than that and decided just to get on with it.  So I did.  Got everything ready and off I went.  Once I started pedalling, I realised that my legs were incredibly stiff.

“No problem” I thought, “A little more movement and they’ll loosen up a treat”.  By the time I was halfway to the office I was regretting my decision to cycle but I carried on regardless.  That’s when I think the rot must have set in.

By the time I got to work, I think the fatigue had spread upwards into my head.  Mercifully this time around my speech is normal (I frequently spout gibberish when suffering this particular affliction) although I have to say that the most simple of tasks (last week) have assumed monumentally difficult proportions (today only) such as: remember what I did last week, remembering how I solved a particular problem.  Yesterday.

I can feel an incident of misplacement coming on later.  Like the one I had last week where I searched the kitchen high and low for the container in which I’d stored my teabags.  I even checked out other rooms in the house, just in case.  Turned out that someone had decided the best place for it would be the fridge.  Now bearing in mind that I don’t live with anyone other than four cats, I can only assume that the culprit of this particular infraction was myself (unless the cats have developed opposable thumbs with which to open said fridge).

And I still have to cycle home tonight.

Cabbage anyone?


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