Mental Headspace

And no – the title doesn’t mean I’m finally losing my marbles.  They rolled out a very long time ago!

One of the things I love about cycling to work (on the days where I don’t get run off the road or buzzed by another cyclist) is the fact that I just enjoy the journey.  I get clear headspace to separate work from home.  I’m normally pretty good at being able to separate work and home although I do have the occasional throwback to my workaholic phase.

I’ve now stopped trying to get there as quickly as possible and have made peace with the fact that when any slope or hill comes along that I’ll slow to the pace of a lame tortoise – as long as I don’t start to go backwards.  I know that eventually I’ll get fitter and won’t notice those slopes quite as much and/or will be able to maintain the same pace going up them as I do on the flat but, in the meantime, I just need to chillax, appreciate the fresh air and the fact that I’m getting my body to do some work and am getting fitter doing something that I actually enjoy.

As Buddha said “It is better to travel well than to arrive”



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