Tour de France as Inspiration

I applaud the fact that the Tour de France is such an inspiration to some people that they feel an overwhelming urge to don hi viz and Lycra and get their bikes out and cycle to/from work.  However, is it really necessary for them to whizz around like they’re actually competing in said event, i.e., cycling around at 30+mph on urban roads and whizzing past those of us who aren’t quite so cavalier about our cycling?

The nicer the weather has been lately, the more near misses I seem to be witnessing.  I just have this gut feeling that the people I see cycling with such complete disregard for their fellow cycle path users probably drive their cars in the same fashion.  Sadly I thought I’d left this sort of thing behind when I moved away from London but it seems that, as often happens, I’m over optimistic.

I often wonder if this style of riding/driving is symptomatic of how these people live their real lives?  Do they have such a narrowed focus on everything to the extent that they never consider anyone other than themselves?  I guess the answer to that question is “probably” which I find rather sad.

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