Knee Jerks and Ill Thoughts

I recently found an article posted on my Facebook news feed by a friend.  The content is irrelevant for the purposes of this blog but I went to the site and read the article and, as usual, found that I had something to say.  I made my 22 word post and then put “For those who want to flame this post, please try to take 30 minutes to *really* think about this thought and then come back with a reasoned response instead of the usual knee jerk negativity”

So what do we think happened next?

There were indeed some reasoned (and reasonable) responses and a few of the respondents then engaged in a non-heated debate.  Then we had the only-to-be-expected bunch of miscreants spewing their venom.  Some of them are purportedly “top commentators” on Facebook.  I wonder why.  Maybe it’s because they can only manage 2 or 3 word knee jerk responses and their fingers respond before their brain has engaged.  Come to think of it and judging their responses, I’m not entirely sure they have one of the aforementioned organs.  Needless to say, I bore the insults to my gender stoically and did not respond despite being grossly insulted and ripped to shreds by some of these people.  What struck me about some of the responses however, was how most people made assumptions about me and why I’d made the post.  22 little words and some people responded as though they knew me and my life and exactly why I’d made the post.

The original article was written by a journalist suffering the fatigue of being constantly asked when she was going to have children.  She was weary of constantly having to explain herself and her lack of a maternal drive.  Needless to say, she was also slashed to pieces by some of the comments that followed.  Obviously if you’ve read any of my previous blogs here, you’ll have realised that I too have never harboured any maternal wishes but according to some of the respondents to my post, I’m a dried up, barren and bitter woman who has obviously been thwarted by life.  Interesting eh?

And in my head I’ve beaten the crap out of the ignorant twats who couldn’t be arsed even to spellcheck their responses to me.  I would also just like to point out that as their Facebook profiles and some of their pictures are left wide open and public, some of these people seriously shouldn’t have been allowed to reproduce: their offspring are some of the ugliest I’ve had the misfortune to view.

Just goes to show that I’m not above being really angry about pure ignorance 😉


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