Loud Music, Headbanging and Oblivion

There is something so uniquely irritating to me about someone who plays their music (whether in their car or in their house with the windows open) that makes me want to pull them out and pound their heads into the wall in time with the thumping bassline.  Am I the only person who feels this way?  I cannot comprehend living in so much of a self centred vacuum that I’m so oblivious to other people around me.

Even as a teenager when I moved to the Great Metropolis (i.e., London) and lived in a flat, I was acutely aware of the fact that there were other people around me: above, below and to the sides and especially that I had a little shop beneath my feet on the ground floor.  I never played my music loud during trading hours and did my best not to thump around the place at any time.  I’m not saying I never played my music loud but usually when I wanted a good ear-bleeding blast, I’d put on my headphones and do it to myself and not everyone else around me.

Maybe it’s not oblivion that causes people to be so inconsiderate.  Worryingly it occurs to me that it may be that they just don’t care about the effect that they may be having on others around them.

And we’re back to head pounding land again.  I know violence is never the answer but sometimes it just feels good to go through the motions in your head and imagine what it might be like 😉


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