The Longitude Challenge

So now we’re offering a prize for innovation and the public gets to vote on which is the “greatest problem affecting our increasing population”: food, antibiotics, paralysis, dementia, flight or water.  Am I the only one who thinks that we, as a species, perhaps need to curb our enthusiasm for reproduction?  We’ve overpopulated the planet, resources are becoming scarce yet we keep reproducing at ridiculous levels: we’re getting to the point where we cannot cope with our increasingly ageing population, yet we persist in researching ways of overcoming infertility so that we can breed even more.  When animal populations become a threat, we start culling them.  Obviously that’s not an option for the human population but when are we going to sit and look at a perfectly obvious solution to the shrinking planetary resources?  Mother Nature has been trying to tell us for years perhaps that we need to slow down but we ignore her and search out new ways to combat disease, increase food production, overcome obstacles that would, in the past, have reduced the population.  Now we’re seeing tsunamis, natural disasters and still we’re not listening.

Some may argue that the right to have children is fundamental to our human nature but surely, the right to survive is also fairly fundamental?  We’re knocking down and bulldozing our green fields to build yet more housing to shelter our ever increasing population – where will it stop?  Will we be satisfied when there’s no greenery left, when everyone is having to consume genetically modified everything because the human population has become so bloated and ponderous that there’s no room left on the planet for anything else.  Did anyone else see Wall-E?  Was I the only one who thought that there may have been some lessons to be learned from that simple little children’s movie?

Why can nobody see that there may be another solution which doesn’t involve spending billions in currency to research more ways to keep us fed, watered and healthy?  Just stop the population increasing at an unsustainable rate of knots!


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