7 July 2009 – On Manners

There were certain values that were instilled in me as I grew up, not all of them were healthy admittedly but I do feel that manners and consideration for your fellow life travellers are valid tenets and although it doesn’t make me angry any more that there is so much inconsideration in the world, it makes me shake my head and feel rather sorrowful.

A lot of my problems growing up stemmed from a chronic lack of self confidence and I firmly believe that there is a huge amount of that around today, albeit a large amount is stuck in that little-travelled-to country: “De Nile” (denial).

However, no matter how little self confidence I had, I always considered others.  Admittedly there were times when my innate aggression got the better of me, but it was rare that I was disrespectful, unless the person with whom I was dealing had shown that they were utterly contemptible (and there were one or two of them).  I grew up being bullied by my peers at school and by my superiors once I went to college and then onto work.  I wondered if there was some invisible neon sign following me around saying “kick me” as it seemed to happen so often.  Mercifully not literally but certainly figuratively.


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