6 July 2009 – On Consideration of Others

One night (during the last heatwave) as I lay in bed wondering if I’d stop sweating long enough to get to sleep (the humidity was pretty high) I heard faint music.  Thinking that my mobile phone was going off downstairs, I quickly realised that I didn’t recognise the tune, so that wasn’t the case.  As I stood in my room trying to figure out where the noise was coming from, I happened to glance out of the window and saw a young person coming around the corner.  The noise appeared to be emanating from them.  Now where I live is pretty quiet so that, at night, you could practically hear a mouse fart.  If that were the case, this was the equivalent of a barking fox (we get those too).  What on earth would possess a young person to be playing music out loud at midnight as they walk home?

Are there so many people living in bubbles that they are completely unaware of their impact on everyone else?  Yeah OK so the music may not have been terribly loud under normal circumstances but at that time of night and at the time of year when people sleep with their windows open because of the humidity, how crass is it to walk around playing music?

I lived abroad for a while and found that, in the country I chose to live and work, it was common place for youths to sit on the train with music blasting from their mobile phones (there’s a lot I could grump about concerning mobile phones and probably will at some stage!) I remember when Walkmans first became popular many years ago, the trend seemed to be that people played them so loud on the train and tube that nobody was in any doubt about the music the person was listening to and also the fact that the offender would, no doubt, suffer from early deafness or bleeding from the ears.  Again, no consideration for your fellow human beings.


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