14 March 2008 – Rolling Around in the Mud

Betcha wondered what this was all about so you had to take a peek huh?

I’m actually talking about my car, although she wasn’t doing any rolling (and yes it’s a she) but I was feeling pretty bad about things a couple of weeks ago as she’d got seriously filthy dirty and was splattered, quite spectacularly, all over with loads of mud. The road to the stables is pretty pot-holed and muddy. And riding horses isn’t really a very clean pastime, so there was mud on the floor mats and I hadn’t cleaned the inside for quite a while.

On my last visit to the dentist, I took her over to the hand car wash at a supermarket local to where I used to live, threw the keys at the guys with a quick “inside and out please” and legged it before they got a good look at how bad she really was.

20 mins later I came back and a different car awaited. Gleaming, smiling (yes, she smiles) and very very clean. A couple of scowls from the guys and a “how long since you cleaned this?” and I was on my way again.

Needless to say, I’ve been home now for a week and have been down to the yard a couple of times. And the weather has been fairly damp and windy. Oops.

Wonder if I should really think about a 4×4? Nah!


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