13 March 2008 – Aromatherapy

Dunno what it is about the UK but I always seem to get a bunged up nose when I come home. Maybe I need anti-allergy pillows or something. Either way, the good thing about working at home is that I can pop some oils in my burner and get as snotty as I like without bothering anyone else I discovered aromatherapy about 12 years ago, almost by accident. I worked in an office where I sat very near the kitchen. Which had a microwave. And my co-workers used to love those godawful microwave meals. You know the ones. They stink.

So – one lunchtime I went out shopping and came back with a burner and some peppermint oil. I love the smell of peppermint and didn’t think twice about any medicinal value at all. Once the burner was up and running, I did notice that I sneezed quite a bit but didn’t think too much about it, especially as it got rid of the stench from the kitchen.

It was only about a week later that I realised my budding cold had gone, leaving behind no trace of catarrh (unusual for me as I’m a smoker). This gave me pause for thought and after a short period of time I realised what had happened. I became a bit of a convert and now, whenever I feel any sort of sniffle coming on, the burner goes on and the oils go into it. I usually get very sniffly for a day and then – poof! It’s gone! Marvellous. I’ve now recommended it to loads of people and, with only one exception – they’re all converts too.

I’m always a fan of anything that doesn’t involve pill-popping


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