10 March 2008 – Not a lot!

I’m having a quiet time. Apart from the fit that I pitched this afternoon. Techie fingies. I now have the ability to work from home. Or at least I would if the router I have at home was doing what it was supposed to. Tech support? Phhh! Wot a load of bollocks. “Yes madam, the router does support VPN”. Oh no it frigging doesn’t sunshine.

So there’s me thinking that I could just mosey out of bed this morning when I felt like it and log onto the laptop and work from home in my jim-jams. Instead, I have to go into the office to make sure it’s not my laptop that’s screwed. It wasn’t. So I had to take a trip to the puter shop to buy another router that does what it’s supposed to do.

I also forgot what a monumental pain in the ass they could be to set up. I’ve just finished yelling at the laptop (yeah I know it won’t do any good) and generally giving myself a headache. It’s 5pm and I’ve just managed to get onto the work network.

Quiet evening in front of the TV methinx.

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