7 March 2008 – Got the Memo!

I’ve been told that drunken blogging is all the fashion now, so I thought I’d give it another go.

Interesting last day for the week. It’s been a busy one but I’ve kept on top of all the email, except for today. I couldn’t be arsed. All I could think about was disappearing off to the pub after work. Then BPB and the Tequila Guy decided they weren’t coming for the monthly get together. I was not happy. So I spent half the afternoon wheedling and pleading, making puppy eyes and generally being as endearing as possible so that they’d decide they’d come along with us all. It worked. I had no idea that my powers of persuasion actually worked (note to self: try this out more often).

So – I’m pretty pie-eyed again. I had a lovely evening chatting away to BPB and a couple of other people and even got a lift home, which was even better.

I’m currently full of vodka, as well as having more than my fair share of bonhomie and have decided that I love those two guys. BPB and Tequila Guy. Really. Adore them. They’re just fab. So I felt compelled to text them to let them know. And they’ve just called me to say the feeling is mutual.

I’m feeling decidedly fluffy right now.


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