2 March 2008 – Patience

I am not the most patient of people. If I want something, I want it now, not in a week or a month or even tomorrow – but NOW/. That’s a Leo for you. However, there are some things about which I am remarkably patient.

Funnily enough, keeping tropical fish was my introduction to patience and delayed gratification and I’m developing it quite well with the occasional blip. My horse riding for instance – not coming along terribly fast but I’m happy enough. I’m not interested in being competitive (never actually been very good at competition) and I still take lessons to smooth the rough edges and get rid of any bad habits that I get into from riding around the countryside on my own. My current instructor, however, can be the mother of all bitches and was in full flow this week.

Patience and her do not go together and if you don’t pick something up, get it and demonstrate that you’ve picked it up immediately the voice goes up to foghorn level. The last lesson was the first time I’ve experienced this and I don’t take well to it. Either you treat me as an adult and with respect or you get out the bulletproof vest pretty damned sharpish.

There are a number of reasons for me having this reaction, all of which are way too long to go into here but suffice it to say that I know what my buttons are, when they’re being pressed and, usually, how to deal with them.

I find that life has a way of repeating lessons until you get the hang of them and I thought I’d managed to learn this one pretty well by now (the lesson being how to deal with bullies) but it seems that I’m due a refresher course

Anyone got a spare pair of boxing gloves or shall I do it bare-knuckle?


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