29 Feb 2008 – Automatic Guilt Complex

Have you ever had one of those lightbulb moments which brings on a crushing sense of guilt when you realise that a big problem being discussed is, in all likelihood, down to something you did. Or forgot to do? By the time the lightbulb has gone on, it’s pretty much too late for you to hold your hand up and admit it’s your fault, mainly because you’re not 100% sure and you would look like *such* a lameass.

That happened to me this week. Now I’m a pretty honest person and if I screw up, I will pretty much always admit to it so that it can be sorted out in short order with all the facts present. This is the first time that I can recall where I’ve actually kept my mouth shut. Because I really wasn’t sure that it was my fault or whether circumstances had conspired to create a coincidence and who wants to make themselves appear to be forgetful or, at the worst, inept?

As it turned out, it wasn’t my fault. At all. But it didn’t stop the stomach dropout.

Has this ever happened to you?

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