28 February 2008 – The Cat Burglar

I don’t often blog about my pets but my youngest cat has to be mentioned. When he was a kitten he developed a habit of making off with watches. They would disappear from nightstands, tables, next to the sink and reappear in the oddest places – we found one half buried in the garden once and it wasn’t a cheap watch! It took us a while to figure out he had a watch fetish but took much greater care afterwards. This particular skill of his has lain dormant for years. Until this week.

When I bought my little Creative Zen Stone, it came with the cutest little USB cable, about 6″ long – ideal for popping in the pouch with the larger Zen that I have so I didn’t have to worry about having a bag full of cables to take away with me for recharging.

The cable disappeared from the living room table. I checked under the table, under the couch, moved all my furniture in the living room. Then I double checked my bag as I thought I was losing my marbles until a vague memory swam up from the depths of my mind.

So I sat him down and asked him what he did with it but he remained stoically silent. I even went so far as having a quick shufty around the garden but it’s gone.

Never did find it ….


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