27 Feb 2008 – Poisoned Arrows

It’s been one of those days. I seem to be having a few of them lately. 7am start at work. Broke something. Not my fault. Honestly. This is what sometimes happens when you work with ancient hardware, but why couldn’t it have happend with an unimportant server? That would be too easy I guess. So – lots of s**t flying around first thing and most of the morning

Got that problem sorted – headed off out to see my horse, who picked up on the vibe and proceeded to be the biggest sod in the world. After an hour of asking, pleading, cajoling, relaxing, breathing, shouting and getting very irate, I headed back to the office. Not an ideal lunch break.

Get back, am bombarded with telephone conference requests. So much for finishing early. It was all I could do to stop myself drifting off to sleep during the last one. Again – expecting a load of poisoned arrows to fly my way, I was much relieved to find that wasn’t the case (hence getting sleepy).

Now I’m home, have breathed a big sigh of relief, am hoping no more text messages come through tonight so that I can wait for my shopping to be delivered at 9pm, get to bed and – oh yeah – have to be in work for 3am in the morning. Yes. That’s right. 3am. Bleurgh!

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