23 Feb 2008 – Noisy Me!

So – the guys at the office complained that I type too loudly. Can you believe that?

Mind you, you know it’s bad when you’re on a teleconference and just quickly type an instant message to someone and one of the people on the call comments and says “who’s that bashing a keyboard in the background” (oops – will press the “mute” button next time!)

Personally I think it’s only jealousy that they can’t type as fast. Or touch type. I can type a coherent email whilst looking at someone and carrying on a conversation. Honestly. They hate me for it.

So they threatened me with buying a “silent” keyboard. I beat them to it. It’s quiet to type on that’s for sure, the only problem is that the keys are pretty tough to press. And this is from a woman who learned to type on a manual typewriter (yeah, I’m that old).

So – looks great and does the job from a sound point of view but reduces my typing speed to some 20wpm because I’ve got to press the keys so hard. Hmm. Wonder if it’ll loosen up with age …

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