22 Feb 2008 – Unseasoned Travellers

Maybe all the travelling back and forth has meant that I’ve become a little blasé about it all but nowadays I tend to be fairly quiet when I’m travelling (hard to believe, I know). I prefer to get into my window seat, check out what the groundstaff are doing, have a good nose about and then settle with my Zen and watch some TV. Or listen to music.

Today’s flight home was a mare. Firstly, I went to check in on the web this morning and found that I couldn’t have my customary seat (yes, I know, I can be a creature of routine) as the plane was nearly full! WTF? It was 7.30 in the morning. Hump No.1.

Then as I took my seat I discover I have some loudmouthed twat in the row in front of me. Correction. Loudmouthed English Businessman Twat. Joy. Then I find his colleague is in the middle seat of my row. More joy. Hump No.2

Then LEBT’s colleague asks the young woman who has arrived to take up the window seat in the row in front if she’d mind swapping seats so she can sit next to her colleague. Young woman agrees and takes up the seat next to me. Which is when I find out that she is a fidget. Every two frigging minutes – fidget. I find this excessively irritating. Hump No.3

As we start to taxi down the runway, young woman gets out her camera. WTF? She then spends the rest of the flight taking pictures. Of everything. The screens showing our flight path, the screens showing the safety film (yes, really) and then pointing the frigging thing out of the window and taking pictures of every single thing out of the window – the Alps, the clouds, the twinkly lights, more clouds. FFS. Hump No.4 – what is wrong with people? Am I just too jaded?”

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