15 Feb 2008 – What a Day

  • An interesting day on the whole. I got to stare at The Beautiful Boy at lunchtime while I was having my lunch. And we had a few words across the tables. That man just got so many other men’s dose of Gorgeous that it’s criminal. Sigh. So I felt compelled after that to send him some virtual hugs via IM. And he lapped them up. Sigh. Again.Just as I was leaving the office, someone I’d been talking to about my pay happened to mention, in passing, that they thought I may not have had enough tax deducted over here – WHAT? Bad enough that they deduct as much as they do, but I should be paying more? Why? Why? Why? I got straight onto the agency and the payroll company. No, they say, you’re paying the right amount. So why am I not reassured?Now normally on a Friday I’m either looking forward with glee at the prospect of flying home for the weekend or hot to trot to the pub and getting rat-arsed. Not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I’m on terra firma. And sober. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been down to the pub but just couldn’t get the drinking boots to fit, so I left and came home.I’m supposed to be out tomorrow night with my Tequila drinking friend and am wondering if I need to think about cancelling it, grabbing my knitting needles, lace cap and sitting in my rocker instead

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