12 Feb 2008 – Where are my Capsules?

OK. This isn’t good enough. I ordered the capsules for my coffee machine online on Friday. 48 hour delivery. Last time I was in the UK I did this – ordered from the UK on Friday and they were delivered, as promised, 2 working days’ later, on Tuesday. Sitting in my mailbox waiting for me when I got in from work.

This is Switzerland we’re talking about here – they’re pretty chuffing good. Normally. My coffee drinking has been gauged carefully around this delivery.

So. I come home from work, all expectant. Empty mailbox, apart from something from the health insurance people which may be the subject of a rant later on. No capsules. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I checked all around the mailboxes. Nope. Not there. Maybe they’re sitting on the doormat at my apartment (I’ve seen the Post Office do that sometimes) so I race upstairs. Nothing. Bugger.

Waaaahhhhhh! I may just have enough capsules to see me through until tomorrow. Maybe.


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