26 Jan 2008 – In Praise of Cuddles and Hugs

There are some people in this world that I just want to hug because they’re so lovely and I feel very lucky to know them. My best friend at work is one of those people. I wanted to hug him from the second on third time I dealt with him on the phone – and not in a sexual way. There are also two or three people at work that I’d like to hug as well because they’re just so adorable and I love them to bits for who they are. I love dealing with them and they are a pleasure to talk to. The Beautiful Boy is one (and honestly, that’s definitely not sexual).

Sometimes being a bit new-agey (yeah I know, who’da thought eh?) I wonder if it’s something about their aura that I detect. There is one person at work who is a fab cuddler and I cuddle him whenever I get the chance. He’s a friend (the Tequila drinking one) and I just get on with the guy like a house on fire. He’s not one of these “quick clasp” people – you know what I mean – lean in, quick clasp of the arms around you or just a grasp of the shoulders and then a release. Nope – this guy is a full body-hugger – the arms wrapped around you completely so that you feel as though you’re enveloped, you can rest your head on their shoulder and snuggle in.

It’s great. I wish everybody did that. I’m sure it releases endorphins but I always feel so much better afterwards.

Have you ever just loved someone to bits for no good reason and smiled whenever you had dealings with them?

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