18 Jan 2008 – Flirting

Remember The Beautiful Boy I’ve mentioned previously?

Well, it has become a little bit of a game, flirting with him. I spent the first couple of weeks after laying my eyes on him being completely in awe around him. And then I realised – hey – nothing wrong with a bit of a flirt is there?

The sweet thing about it is that he always got embarrassed whenever I said anything nice. It’s never anything bad – I just think that he’s an absolute darling (apart from being stunningly attractive) and whenever I see him anywhere in the building, my happy hormones do a dance and I’m smiling for the rest of the day. (Sappy innit?)

Then he realised that I was harmless, that I really did think he was a smashing young man and would never take things any further and guess what? He fought back – cheeky little monkey.

I think he’s got his colleagues involved with all this now and they combine their brainpower to find ways to gobsmack me. So far the score is about even but I got him today.

We use an internal instant messenger at work and it tells you when the other person closes the chat window. For those of you who wonder, the “winner” is the one who gets the other one to shut the chat window down first. The rules are made up by me and he has never been consulted on this of course! So today I said something, he went all quiet. As he does. Then he shut down the window. I win!

So – yay me!


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