13 Jan 2008 – Tequila

  • So dinner last night was great. Conversation was lively and flowing and after dinner, I received an education in Tequila. Yes, really! It was a really enjoyable night. Food, tequila, watching DVDs, chatting. So much that it was 5am before I thought “gosh, I’m getting tired” and looked at the clock. Oops. Not used to being up at that time any more since I stopped doing nightshifts.So I took my leave and walked home. That’s one of the other nice things about this city – you can walk home at that time of the morning with relatively few worries and in the area I live, pretty much none. Admittedly it was a bit chilly but the walking kept me warm and I was home inside 25 mins.So far I’ve spent most of the day sleeping and am still knackered. Just can’t do this stuff as easily any more …

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