8 Jan 2008 – In Praise of My Favourite Substance

You may have gathered that I’m partial to coffee. Always have been. Started drinking the stuff at the age of about 7 and have to admit that it has no apparent effect on me. I got addicted to it, physically, in my early 20s (which half a day on the Cambridge diet brought home in no uncertain terms in the form of the most crushing headache I’ve ever had in my life). I got over that and tried not to let it happen again. I did go onto decaff for about a year for a number of reasons and the only effect I noticed was that I started pee’ing like a racehorse. Was that TMI? Anyhoo, one thing that the continentals do really well is make coffee. Toe-curlingly good coffee.

You can only imagine how happy I’ve been since I started living in Switzerland. When I moved into this apartment, there was one of those Nespresso coffee machines in here and when I saw it, I started jumping up and down and clapping my hands with glee. OH. MY. GOD. This stuff is GOOD. Just taken delivery of 100 more coffee pods today. Different flavours and different strengths. Yummity-yum-yum.

I wonder if I can sneak the machine into my suitcase when I leave?


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