7 Jan 2008 – Late Christmas …

Just wanted to say that I’ve realised that I’m a good cross between a geek and a girl. Was looking around one of those electical stores at the airport. Y’know – just passing – thought I’d have a mooch (yeah, right) and there, on the shelf, was one of those 2GB Creative Zen Stone MP3 players. How tiny is that? (girl bit). How awesomely compact? (geek bit). And how cheap? (skinflint bit).

So I had to buy it. Doesn’t matter that I’ve got its 60GB big brother (Vision) for TV shows and movies on the move. I swear it just jumped off the rack and into my hand. Dunno how that happened. A pack of those little multi-coloured silicone skins happened to end up in my other hand (another girlie bit) and then they were mine.

Didn’t need it, but I wanted it.

Fuck it. It’s my late Christmas pressie to myself (any excuse).

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