6 Dec 2007 – What a Week (So far)

  • It’s been a monumental week for me throwing my toys out of the pram. I’ve even managed to impress myself, and the week isn’t over yet!The rain started sometime overnight and as the day has worn on, some of my bad temper seems to have been washed away with it. I had one last strop this afternoon. It was a beaut – the air was blue and the arms were doing the Continental Expressive Flail (you know the one – keep well out of the immediate vicinity otherwise you may find yourself with a black eye from a stray hand or arm!) Bless my best mate at work, C, he did what he always does when I throw a hissy fit – he stood there, nodded in the right places, agreed in the right places and waited for the storm that is me to abate. I love him – he’s great – and he knows me so well! My boss was panicking a little and trying to appease me. Definitely the wrong tactic. So – we all went off to the bar after work, by which time I was feeling much better.I’m definitely starting to feel much calmer. Tired, but calmer. Need to get some sleep tonight as there’s another knees up tomorrow night after work and it looks like there will be lots of people there, including Mr Second-in-Command He’s also known between me and C as BPB. Long story. As long as I don’t put on my beer goggles, everything should be fine …

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