30 Nov 2007 – Another Week End

Here we go again – Friday – how did that happen?

It’s been a busy week for me on a personal level as I’ve had to run back and forth to the new apartment a few times to sort out rental agreements, signatures for deposit accounts and picking up keys and the like.

After all the appointments, signatures and decisions all week, another one was to be had tonight – two different bar visits, two different crowds, which one to go to? Phhhh!

After dithering for half of the afternoon, I finally made my decision. It was easy really – who’s leaving the office first? 🙂

Some vodka, some fat-chewing, more vodka and my eyes are looking like a map of the London Underground – all Central Line. Oops. Time to head home methinx.

As usual, I can’t keep my arse still when I first get in, so the first two cases are packed and ready to go to the new place. I have a feeling I’m going to be glad I allowed two days to schlep my stuff back and forth!

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