29 Nov 2007 – Too Beautiful for Words

Have you ever met someone who was almost too beautiful for words? It may be a strange thing to say about a man, but you’d really have to see him to understand. Trust me on this.

I had dealings with him about 18 months ago via email and he was a real sweetie, but only physically laid eyes on him for the first time back in June. I heard a voice behind me and when I turned around I turned into one of those cartoon characters on the inside only. My cartoon eyes popped out of my head and my cartoon tongue lolled onto the floor. The non-cartoon bit of me behaved completely normally, had a quick conversation and turned back to my work.

However, 5 minutes later when my best bud arrived back at the desk, I asked “Who the fuck was that????” as this guy had spoken to me as though he knew me. My bud looked around and replied “oh that was xxxxx”. (Let’s just call him The Beautiful Boy)

Holy crap! The Divine Being who had come into my line of vision, oh so briefly, was the very sweet young man I’d swapped emails with and spoken to on the phone all those months ago?

Since then, every time I see him, I can feel myself smile on the inside. As well as being the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen, he’s a real sweetheart, puts up with me teasing him and my best bud has finally realised that I honestly don’t want to do anything about this most monumental crush I have – I’d be happy to sit opposite him all day long and gaze at him adoringly. I’ve only just got to the point where it doesn’t hurt my eyes to look at him.


Have you ever seen anyone so beautiful it hurt your eyes to look at them?


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