20 Nov 2007 – Date Cancellation

Admittedly it’s a bit earlier in the week than it usually is, but it’s turned up anyway. Another snub for me although it’s apparently not my fault. Yeah right. I’m in a bad mood, so permit me to wallow for a day or two.

So, not content with one, I have to go for a second don’t I? I’m pissed off, so I want to visit the pub and would prefer some company. My normal drinking buddy is out of the office, so I go for the second in command. What’s he doing? He’s going home to sleep. Straight after work. Oh for fuck’s sake give me a break – just because I had feelings for you at one time doesn’t mean I’m asking you to come to the pub so I can shag you.

You would have thought that a four mile walk home from work at a temperature of about 0 degrees with the wind blowing in your face and an unhealthy level of decibels blasting in your ears all the way would be enough to get that bad mood right outta your system wouldn’t you?


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