6 Nov 2007 – Fooled Again

Despite what may be projected here, I am a caring and considerate individual. I love my friends and do my best to look after and cherish them. However, just at the moment, I feel as though I’ve been royally taken advantage of.

Someone I met online and (I thought) became friends with has seemingly turned out to be the type of person I would normally avoid. It’s a shame really as I thought we had a certain rapport and perhaps understood one another quite well. Mentally challenging, good conversation, would have made (or thought he was) a worthy ally. Until about 10 days ago when all contact mysteriously ceased. Calls and emails went unanswered. I worried something may be wrong at first, but then realised he was still logging onto a particular website fairly regularly, so was obviously still alive but just not responding to me.

From the chats we’d had I was a little puzzled by this behaviour and it’s taken me a few days (and a “read” receipt on a final email) to realise that I’ve probably been taken for a ride. No matter how busy I am, I would *never* treat a friend like this and am astonished that he would be so cavalier. I know he’s a great one for testing people and suspect that I’ve just “failed” this last one.

So now – I finally get it. The fun’s been had. The hook was baited and I fell for it. Well silly me. A timely reminder of why I do my best to keep things simple.

Give him his due though – he’s good. Had me fooled. Ain’t gonna let that happen again in a hurry.


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